2014 SoCal Harvest

The other day I was thinking about how the Harvest Crusade has so many memories attached to it.  Some really good and some bad ones too. But there are also a lot of lessons learned attached to it as well.  Last year I wrote a blog post title “Harvest Crusades Are Like Family Reunions“.  You can read it on the Harvest Crusade blog.

But I wanted to encourage you to be apart of the SoCal Harvest. There are many opportunities to serve.  You can learn about them on the Ways to Get Involved at SoCal.harvest.org.  This is a great opportunity to grow in the gifts God has given you. Maybe you will learn you have a gift you didn’t know you had before. At the very least I think everyone has someone they can invite to the event.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for this years SoCal Harvest.

May the Lord bless you,