Promises from the Past Give Hope for the Future.

With the new year just around the corner. The world sees the new year as a chance to make a change, a chance for something new. That is what they find hope in. The hope of what could happen in the future. For the Christian our hope is found in the promises of the past. Promises from the only One that matters, our King Jesus. You see promises are only as powerful as the one who promises them. Hope is only as powerful as what or who you hope in. When we make new years resolutions we are hoping in change. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with working toward a change. But I say to you if you can not be happy today, you will not be happy tomorrow. True Hope is found with in what Jesus Christ did over 2000 years ago. He died on a cross to pay the penalty for our sin. All we have to do is realize that we are a sinner. Recognize what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. Repent of our sin and receives Him as our Lord and savior. Seems pretty simple. But it’s only true if Jesus is actually is who He says He is.

As I read about Jesus and study the historical fact. As He works through my life. I find myself in a place where I am filled with hope. Not because of a miracle God might do in my life. Or a things He might change. But because of what He has already done. When we read the bible it brings hope because it tells who Jesus is and what He has done. For the Christian hope is not found in what could happen in the future. It’s the promises from the past that give Hope for the future.