Walking on Water

Last Monday if you were not there I talk about Peter walking on water. And the only reason he was able to do so is by the power of God. There was no power Peter had other than the power given to him in the moment. After explaining this I prayed “Father if it be Your will let me walk on the water” and I stepped off the edge of the pool into the water. Needless to say I did not walk on the water. But let me explain why I tried.

I made a joke the day before that I should totally walk on water during my message and I laughed. But after, I felt so convicted. Why does that have to be a joke? Why couldn’t God allow me to do so? I began to think and pray on it. If I really believe God could give Peter power, why not try and see what happened. What’s the worst that could happen, I get wet? Then I started thinking what are people going to think. Will they think I am crazy? Then I began to think what if it happens? Even for a second. Imagine how my belief in God would grow and in the hearts of people who saw it. So I decide I would try. Believing God could do it. Even thinking about what I would say if I hit the water and did not fall through. So I stood at the edge of the pool, said my prayer, stepped off and went into the water. While underneath the water I remember feeling so disappointed. Not because I was not standing on the water. But because I really believed God had the power to make stand on the water. But I do not always believe He will do the everyday things in life. I worry about so much. Often wondering when He will show up in stitutions. When will I ever have peace in the things that I wish would have gone my way. Is He ever going help overcome the obstacles I have in my life? Will He ever save the people I love?

Often times we do not believe God even enough to take one step. How He will change a situation, or do a work if you do not make a move. The bible does not say God helps those who helps themselves. But we must make some kind of move. Pastor Greg is quoting as saying “God can not steer a car that is not moving.”

The truth is I can stand in front of 50 people and try to walk on water. But I can give up so easy on things that are far more tangible. In the end I may not have walked on water. God did the miracle He intended. My faith has definitely grown because of it. It wasn’t His will for me to walk on the water. But it was His will for me to try. Because the outcome is the same. My faith has truly grown. Honestly I would not have happened any other way.

It’s true it would have been an amazing moment in life if I had stood on the water for, even a second. But I believe the same lessons were learned and I still had my amazing moment. I believe once again that with God nothing is impossible.

Let me close in this. In Exodus 14:21 it says “Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided,”

Who parted the red sea? The Lord. What did Moses do? He stretched out his hand. God is waiting for you to raise your hand, or take a step. So He can do the work. Family we are missing out on God doing great things with us because we are not letting Him use us. Because we do not believe Him. There are somethings I know I have given up on because I didn’t believe that God could help me or would help me. But I am going to take another shot at it. If you have given up on something. As you were reading something came to mind. Something very tangible. I would encourage you to take another shot at that thing you see as impossible. Pray then take a step.

Just say “Father if it be you will let me ________” then take a step. You will be amazed at what He can do. Who knows you may end up walking on the water 🙂